The greatest renewable resource is human energy, the source of resiliency.

Eileen’s blend of inspiration, humor and content make her one of the most sought after female speakers in the country.  She’s HUGE on customization. Check it out.  As for resiliency, don’t BOUNCE back - grow forward. This is not about adversity but advantage. It is not about pain but possibility. Resiliency can be learned, cultivated, and practiced. And it can be done with vision, foresight, and joy.

Our Mission: Transform the life of work and the work of life through conversations that matter and connections that count.

"You are such an amazing woman—your optimism and vibrancy is refreshing and infectious."
- Navigant Consulting

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With Eileen You Will...

Move from burned out to fired up
Stop whining and start winning
Focus on solutions rather than problems
Laugh, learn and leverage talent.
AND, walk away committed to a purpose greater than just a bottom line.

Eileen's Client List Includes

Keynote Speaker Client Cisco Executive Coach Client Novartis Business Consulting Client Protoctor and Gamble Emcee Moderator Client Saveway Keynote Speaker Client Kaiser PermanenteExecutive Coach Client Oracle Business Consulting Client Simmons CollegeEmcee Moderator Client Conagra Keynote Speaker Client National Association of Chain Drug StoresMaster Facilitator for California Association of RealtorsEmcee Moderator Client EWIBusiness Coach Client NIGP

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The Energizer Blog

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Free Time Should be Me Time—Part 3

By Eileen McDargh - Monday, April 06, 2020

Hopefully, you've stopped laughing at the concept that indeed, there could be free time for yourself. What will ignite your desire for claiming this precious time is when you gain clarity over just what matters most at this point in your life.  


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Hope in the Age of Lockdown

By Eileen McDargh - Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Fr. Richard Hendrick, a Capuchin Franciscan in Ireland , was so moved by news of Italians in lockdown singing, Spaniards applauding health care workers, and neighbors reaching out to bring food to elderly, that he penned a poem. 


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Free Time Should be Me Time—Part 2

By Eileen McDargh - Monday, March 30, 2020

In Part 1, we looked at areas over which you have control of your time. Specifically, we looked at how you control the conversation in your head about what you can do and also what conversations might be necessary to have with others. We also looked at understanding your peak ability times and controlling what activities go into that time block.