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  • Just dropping a note to say hello. I enjoyed meeting up with you at the Simmons Conference is Boston in April. Your book “My Get Up And Go... Got Up And Went” has inspired me and helped me through a difficult transition. Here are the phrases from you book that helped me get through it:

    · Breeeeeeeeeethe!
    · Music rules the heart - check out my band http://www.soulcustodyband.com/
    · Don’t cry over something that won’t cry over you (I really love this one!! J)
    · Learn something new
    · Go for a change

    I have read only to page 48 so far and I am looking forward to reading the rest.

    Your presentation at the Simmons conference was as GREAT as I knew it would be!!!! I was in tears (good tears!) at the end and so were my friends. You really have a gift for public speaking.

    Thanks for the inspiration! Keep on doing what you are doing!"

    — Diane Whalen
    Simmons Leadership Conference
"Eileen McDargh is one of the stalwarts in the world of leadership speakers."
- Sondra Thiederman, Ph.D.

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As a Resiliency Motivational SpeakerEileen loves working with all groups. She has found great synergy with health care audiences and long term care (from personal experience), educators ( As an award-winning educator, she went from teaching kids to grown-ups—who are still like kids), and women’s leadership groups(because she is one!).